Mar 3, 2014

It's been a while

For some reason after 2 years of leaving the fashion blogscene and currently staying low as a spectator, I felt a dire need to go back and read my old posts tonight, filled with youthful and hopeful ideas I had in my late teens. One post that definitely made me reminisce about those good old times was this one.

As an adult now going onto 24, I still have a bit of that youthful energy, but unfortunately most of it has been dampened by my scientific career. Although it has given me the opportunity and economic freedom to fulfill my style desires, I mostly feel empty and void of inspiration most of the time. It's terribly depressing, even now, to look back at what was my "baby", my place of expression, that holds so many memories, and see it become so desolate and unloved. I even enjoyed looking at my past writing style, and thanks to uni, it has changed so drastically.

Instead of taking the time to post a well thought-out post nowadays, I've opted to using my Tumblr for some quick satisfaction. Below is a snippet of the types of things I post there:

Overall, I wanted to take the time out there to talk to those who are young and enjoying their free time expressing their themselves on the Internet: Take advantage of this time in your life to spend hours on fashion blogs & TFS, digging through editorials and archives, losing sleep over finding a HQ version of a Vogue Paris editorial from 2001 (I've been there before!) for once you're thrown into the real world, it makes it much more difficult to find energy to do so.

Although they say that Geminis are youthful at heart, sometimes I feel like I lost the "baby" in me.

Sep 22, 2012


Although shopping on the cheap doesn't always yield great results, sometimes a surprise can be found that calls for common comment, "Wow, no one picked this up yet?!" One of my most favorite finds, a pair of navy blue (almost black) pumps, were bought for a whopping... $4 at a local outlet shop in NYC. After being inspired by Elin Kling's smart-style for months, it is now a perfect testament to her style.

On top of that, this style of pumps has reemerged from the late 80's throughout NYFW and LFW, like shown below from Phil Oh for

Photo credit:

Jul 23, 2012

A long needed hiatus

During my off-blogging time (which evidently lasted a year, oops!), I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry, while also studying French, and now I can focus on my career in chemistry, but also on what I love most: fashion, style, and inspiration.

So to start this new stage in my life, I decided to paint a bit since my creativity has been lacking recently, big time. And who was the most appropriate image to paint for my new life as a chemist? Well of course, Walter White, also known by his pseudonym "Heisenberg", from the critically-acclaimed American drama series, "Breaking Bad." If you haven't watched this show (and I advise you to do so!), Walter is a chemistry high-school teacher who take advantage of his expertise in organic chemistry to synthesize and sell compounds that are... let's say unorthodox.

To go straight to my first art project in a very long time, here it is in it's completion last Thursday:

I used fabric paint and an assortment of thin paintbrushes.

Hopefully by getting involved with the online style community again, things will change.

Jun 10, 2011

Red-hot SoHo

It was scorching hot in NYC for the past two days. You couldn't go out with long pants or tops with sleeves; it was just insane. But of course, I never check the weather and want to sport my awesome outlet find: a 90's acid-washed jean jacket. But alas, it was hot so the jacket became an accessory instead.

But anyways, this jacket is awesome! The sleeves are probably my favorite part, since they're a bit wide and gather at the ends. And for only $5 it was worth taking the time to find it.

Jun 6, 2011

Some pink dye and conditioner

Surfing on the web just to waste time sometimes has it's rewards: Last week I landed on Rodeo, a Swedish fashion/blogging conglomerate. One of the blogs featured on the site is from Agnes Braunerhielms, and what I could tell from Google Translate, is mostly fashion criticism and Lady Gaga posts.

Anyhow, Rodeo did a series of videos asking some questions to their bloggers, one of them being Agnes B. So, little did I know Agnes has amazing light-dusty-pink hair. The color is stronger around the roots, and just turns back to her natural (?) blonde hair at the ends.

Agnes Braunerhielm om Paris modevecka: KOMMERSIALISM VS KREATIVITET from Lisa Corneliusson on Vimeo.

So, here are some screenshots I took from the video:

New hair inspiration? I think so!

Photo credit: Vimeo