Feb 22, 2008

Valentine Fillol-Cordier

I have a new muse! While Cory Kennedy is selling out to companies, such as Urban Decay and Ksubi, I'm inspired by Valentine Fillol-Cordier, who's a 23 year-old French model who is actually kinda short to be a model; she's only 172 cm tall! I found her on thecobrasnake.com, and her mixes with designer stuff plus vintage finds is oh-so delightful! Her favorite label is Chanel (Also my favorite, of course) and she adds Parisian flair to everything she wears.

I had some time this week to think about some important issues in my life, like politics, fashion, literature, etc. So, basically, I went shopping at my fave store, Urban Outfitters this week, bought a ton of books from Barnes & Noble (including one of my fave authors, Charles Dickens), read a lot, and chose to support Barack Obama.

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