Apr 23, 2008

Indie Browsing

Everyone knows I'm a magazine-freak, where everywhere I go, I always have an issue with me, like NYLON which is permanently residing in my school bag.
This afternoon I was too bored to watch daytime TV, so I went instead on Urban Outfitter's blog, which is always running about with the best indie things online. I did my own little recollection on it, and even came up with a new street style site to scrummage through. I feel like a kid in a candy store. + I provided the links on the web site's name.
Apartamento - A d├ęcor mag from Milan.

Ben Pob Joy - Photographer

Yummy Magazine - A French mag about art & food.

Enfant Terrible - A London-based jewelry shop, that even posed Michael of The Teenagers on their gallery.

The Pop Manifesto - Another indie magazine.

Paperplane - A travel magazine, which is the first one I would actually enjoy reading.

The new street style-based site I found is Street Peeper, and I definitely recommend this to you guys.

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