May 30, 2008

It's Almost My Birthday!

It's almost my birthday; it's on Sunday!! I'll be 18, which means I can finally go to concerts & shows. I'm not done yet with school, since the whole 2 last weeks of school are filled with final exams. It's completely useless!
I meant to post these pictures a while ago, but since now I am in the demographics of these kids, I am even more impressed by the photographers' works.
Hobo Gestapo

The Cobrasnake - This is at their frequent yard sales (my favorites) in Hollywood.

Oh, and I didn't know that Jalouse was sold here in NYC at some place (The name escapes me) but is located at Soho. If you know me very well, I adore everything about Jalouse; it's the french version of Nylon. They have the most kitsch and interesting editorials ever. A subscription to Jalouse would be a great present. ;)

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