Jun 10, 2008

Blonde Comme Moi

J'aime BB Brunes! They're an amazing French indie rock band. My favorite songs from them are: Dis-Moi, Pas Comme Ça, and of course, Blonde Comme Moi.
I just abruptly began talking about them since I was really bored today, and the heat immobilized me. I went on Facebook, and checking out the 'pages' and looked at the BB Brunes one. While scrolling through the fan pages, I found an odd picture! Adrien Gallo (only 19!), the lead singer, was wearing a pearl earring?? I've heard of the painting titled 'The Girl With The Pearl Earring', but Adrien was surely drunk that night!
Yummy pearl earring.
How can I get backstage?? I want to have a drink with BB Brunes too!

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  1. heeeeey, Hemaly!! here I am!! aboslutely lst I am!!! having stupid damn pc problems and dont have time to solve it! the school kills me..... im really lost.... lost so much i hadnt time to with ya TANTI AUGURI!!! your bday, do you remember?? :P yep, i know im such a horrible friend!! but still luv ya!! :P :)

    ...hope to se ya son!! uhm, but when?? im so busy?? :( :( +cries+

    Your Lydia!