Jun 28, 2008

A Burst Of Inspiration

Hobo Gestapo and Mark the Cobrasnake have done well jobs this week. I'm starting to like Gestapo's shots a little more than Mark's! Mark should stop taking such useless pictures and give us fans what we really need, some great street styles!
The Cobrasnake
Mmm, smoking in Paris and at the same time getting lung cancer. Nothing sounds more PoMo (Post Modern for you kiddos).
I believe this is the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, no?
I've always wanted one of those Russian-furry hats. I might be crazy though.
Hobo Gestapo
Yum, I bet the dude licking the other might taste good too! The guy on the right has adorable hair.
When I saw this picture, I had a moment of eureka, pure inspirational feeling that made me wear a vintage black/white pin in my hair that my mom gave me from when she was young.


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