Jun 6, 2008

Finally, Some New Inspiration

Finally, something good has been received from looking at The Cobrasnake and at Livejournal communities. I found very good style pics from Mark, and some new projects by Valentine Fillol-Cordier.
The Cobrasnake at Warsaw
Even in Warsaw there are sneaker heads!
I love the whole grey/white/black look. Makes every feel more mysterious, like the guy with the Ray Ban shades. (I want them!)
Wow, my type of guy. The messy, overgrown hair, pale skivvy skin and ironic sense in style makes me oh so happy.
I don't know if it's true, but I've heard it is very difficult to take pictures of people randomly moving at parties/shows.

I seriously thought Valentine Fillol-Cordier lost her modelling career, because she has been lost partying in London. Anyhow, thankfully someone on Livejournal took the time to update us on my favorite style icon.
In Jalouse, June 2008: They interviewed her on her taste in clothes. I really need to go out & buy this issue. I adore the Chanel outfit here.

In Vice Magazine
She's a pretty good model, but more as a style icon. Her grungy taste on many classic looks are exceptionally well done. Plus, she's not an overly-gorgeous and 'buxom' girl. She's like a school girl, and I have that same look too. Now, I know what I'm going to wear this summer.

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