Jun 27, 2008

Gap + Colette

I found some secret-fashion-news-which-shouldn't-be-said-but-oh-well from Nylon's weekly newsletters. In this week's issue, they reveal that Gap will be working with Colette for a one-week collection only sold during the week of September 5th.
I don't know if I should feel disgruntled or ecstatic about the partnership, because although Colette's street style can never fit the scale of an American chain store, the only way I can get a Colette product is by going to the store in Paris or ordering online. If I order online, imagine the Euro conversions and the shipping and postage charges! Plus to tell you the truth, the last time I shopped at Gap was when I was 12 years old, and that was because of a gift card I received.
Link to the article here

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