Jun 29, 2008


Unfortunately, I have a 3-day hiatus from the blog due to my three-day orientation at St. John's University. We'll tour the city (again?), have a dinner on a boat across the Hudson River, and get our laptops on the last day! I am really anticipated since I actually wanted to SJU in the first place.
I leave you with a blog I found 4 AM this morning called Ugly Smile. I think it's just randomly taken pictures by French guys in their city. Just update more regularly.
Reminds me of that time in Astoria Park where I saw 2 hipsters playing ultimate Frisbee and smoking at the same time. Nutritious!
They have nothing else better to do.
Au revoir!

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  1. Ciao! I never knew you had one either! I just decided to get one to post fashion dribble, it's pretty new. I'm so adding you to my links =D