Jun 7, 2008

Randomly Walking In Paris

I saw this video posted on the Livejournal community for Louis Garrel. Who would ever thought you can walk around Paris like a tourist, and 'just happen' to find Louis Garrel? The idea can't even cross my mind!
This is an explanation of it on the community: 'The man who's holding the camera is filming instead of taking a picture (is he doing it on purpose??), so the other guy shows him how to do it properly, and he goes "Technology's awesome" and Louis says "It was easier with [didn't catch a word] cameras", and then the man says it's going to be a great picture, and as Louis leaves he calls him a future big star, and Louis is all "...Yeah."'

Louis was so cute.
+ I reluctantly forgot to post this video of Garrel at Cannes, talking about 'La frontiere d'aube' and short film he is producing on Cannes '08 on arte.tv (Follow the link). God damn, those shades Garrel has on are utterly hideous! I prefer seeing him squinting all the time, rather than wearing these 'John Lennon' specs.

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