Jun 4, 2008

Yay, Time For Some Real Change!

This is obviously huge news here. I'm so excited about it! Barack Obama will be the Democratic presidential candidate for 2008! Thank god those superdelegates decided the correct representative of our nation. Obama, don't let us down now.
I would have vote Green/Liberal if Hilary won, by the way. Ralph Nader is so indie.

In other news, I was really bored today, and überstressed out. I went on Kitsuné today, and downloaded the lookbook for Autumm/Winter 2008. The looks remind me exactly of A.P.C. or Uniqlo. The Kitsuné compilations may be ingenious (like Kitsuné Maison 5), but there is interest lacking in these clothes! Talking about Kitsuné music, I just finished downloading a free MP3 of Cazals. It's pretty good! I recommend downloading the MegaMix on the Kitsuné site.

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