Jun 12, 2008

Yum, Hipster Scum

Counting today, it's 3 more days of school left!! I took the time to take pictures of my daily surroundings, cause I know it's so interesting (sarcasm).
I took this incognito during AP Physics class. We weren't doing anything anyways, just browsing the '08 yearbook. My poor friends (from left) Angel & Cory were unsuspected! My friend Cory later on says, "Don't you know Asians don't like taking pictures?"
I was walking down 31st and Ditmars Boulevard intersection, near the Steinway library, when I see a phone booth with such an interesting message. Thanks to hipsters, Astoria isn't a boring ol' neighborhood!! UGH, people these days.

+ I'm going to see Vampire Weekend/Kid Sister/Born Ruffians at Central Park Summerstage on Saturday. I hope it won't be too humid!

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