Jul 28, 2008

Last Night's Party is Catching Up

Despite my disappointment last night from The Cobrasnake photos, Merlin Bronques's Last Night's Party proved to be a heavy opponent against the coveted Cobrasnake. My most favorite shots:
I adore these weird 'Masquerade Ball' masks.
This chick's expertise: slouching.
This is an awesome blazer. Thank god I salvaged an old blazer I had. I never liked blazers, but one day my mother forced to wear it during the morning commute. After school, I like talking the subway alone without a multitude of random classmates (as some of my friends do) and read my Nylon Magazine in peace, without someone criticizing every detail. The train car was cold, so I took out the dreadful blazer, rolled up the sleeves, put on a floral scarf, and in 30 seconds, I looked superb.
Conaisse, putain, p├ętasse!

1 comment:

  1. haha! seriously, my fave post by far :D
    agreed, Cobrasnake has been slacking these days, big time.
    I'm loving that last pic, the shirt is wicked :]