Jul 4, 2008

Looks Straight From Colette and Sold Out

Mark the Cobrasnake this past week went to cover the Jalouse Rocks! performances. What could really say the story are the shots.
Cazals, an amazing band supported by Kitsuné. I remember discussing about their debut album on this blog before, so hunt down for the post.
Ahh, Le Sac! The bag I desired for such a long time from Colette. This is one of the reasons why I need to be shipped to Paris, immediately!
This tee looks like it would be sold on Sold Out, a wicked online source for the most outrageous threads out there. I'm spending my summer cash on those pieces.
I adore this dress, even though the whole headband thing is wearing off its originality.
This guy with the water bottle is gorgeous, 'nuff said.

In another world of culture, this great girl named Adéle, who's going to SJU with me, has this blog called Ayo America!. She posts the latest in great music, and she told me about the Parisian Respect parties in the city. Je t'aime!

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  1. Le Sac! goodness, I would fly to Paris right now and snatch it from him :]
    and agreed guy with the water bottle is pretty banging, that's one of my fave CobraSnake sets,from this year!