Jul 14, 2008

Save Polaroids

I've been having this obsession with Polaroids; the light color, streaky imagery and the novelty of the product is insane. I found some sources with great Polaroids and places to find some inspirational pictures. Too bad the Polaroid company is discontinuing the manufacture of the film.
Polaroids remind me of 1st grade in Ms. Gianpiccolo's class (I can't believe I still remember the name!). In the beginning of the school year, she took a Polaroid of each student, so that way at the end of the year, you can see how much you've grown. I still have that Polaroid, the colors are so ingenious and dreamy. I was wearing a white top with a huge red sequined heart and I had a high ponytail. I want to scan it one day. Anyways, here are some sources for great Polaroids and some of my fave Polaroids too.
The wallpaper is génial (my new favorite French idiom).
Who doesn't like indie boys?
There is some weird contraption that you can add to your Polaroid camera to make this flip effect.
Sources for more Polaroids:
The Polaroids community on LiveJournal
We Heart It, a site where people post their favorite images across the web.
Polanoid is a collection of various Polaroids.

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