Aug 22, 2008

Daisy Lowe

There has been this whole new rave about British It-girls (On the last post, about Peaches Geldof), and one of the many of them is Daisy Lowe. I could really care less to find out her family history and all that other information that really does not interest a fashion fiend, but I didn't know she was the chick modelling for the highly coveted Doc Martens (I had some my dad gave to me like 5 years ago, but the inside was too rotten). It seriously annoys me how people like to call Daisy Lowe as a "model", whose only real job was for Agent Provocateur.
I'm just really glad to see more doe-eyed icons, like Irina Lazareanu, since I am a doe-eyed chick as well. Growing up, I was taunted about my stark appearance by family. Now, I can get back at them with a vengeance (Long lashes a plus), so I guess there's one good thing Daisy Lowe inspired: How to work these huge blinkers! In pictures, I've always tried to close my eyes up a bit, and when I was about 14-15 years old, I did the unthinkable, cut down my eyelashes. Random and creepy, but oh so true!

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  1. Hmmm...You're not that mad, me, at times i was still smoking i've half burned my eyelashes with my own trapped lighter ( you know when you set this in order to turn your lighter into a blowlamp, it was for a friend who would beg for my lighter)
    and it makes like solid pearl at the extremity of the eyelashes so it seems you're maked up,... so you seem ..a little gay ( not like french of course)