Aug 7, 2008

I Hope His Real Name Isn't Hobo, Or He Was Picked On A Lot In School

Hobo Gestapo is trying out some weird photography tricks with his camera, using different sorts of colors, stains, and filters. I'm liking the metallic-sliver effect he's putting on the shots. Kudos to Gestapo!
This has to be the most creative/odd/genius pouch I've seen on any sweater.
I still love these masks! Reminds me of my childhood.
I haven't seen crackled, metallic leather since I found an old 80's leather jacket at the back of my closet (I have no idea how that got there).
I could only laugh when I saw this! The 'Kermit the Frog' mask, the fake-fur jacket and the cane are too ironic to explain.

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  1. this is a fun post.

    reminds of the '93, michael alig, disco 2000.

    cheers ; )