Aug 3, 2008

J'aime Mes Copains, Well Most Of The Time

I completely disregarded the fact that Louis Garrel has a short film he directed, Mes Copains, which was shown at this year's Cannes Film Festival and Canal +, French Television.
Here's his own synopsis of the 24-minutes in his head:
There are days when I tell myself that I don't deserve my friends and other days when I look at them looking at me and I think: "Others have all failed, since the very beginning, but we'll make it." And then I tell myself: "Even that idea will grow old, so quick quick, let's get it on film." You doodle a story about parents taking their kids hostage and you ask a gorgeous girl to play the guy that wants all of the girls. You project that on a big screen and you see what it looks like. There we go, my buddies larger than life, because I think they're awesome."
I guess directing runs in the family (his father, Philippe Garrel, is a noted director).
I want to get a hold of this so badly. Louis Garrel is the epitome of French: mysterious, sensual, quirky, and mesmerizing.

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