Aug 25, 2008

Le Dernier Jour

Hmm, Gaspard Ulliel in a film normally translates into my head as: 'Ridiculously handsome French man tries to woo a chick in a film', but I was completely wrong this time. 'Le Dernier Jour' is a melancholy and reflective film of an art student coming back home with a new friend and many problems. Gaspard plays Simon, and his new friend Louise (who he met on a train) is an extroverted flirt, while Simon is much more reserved. His long time friend Mathieu becomes entangled with Louise's free spirit, and endangers the relationship between her and Simon. Anyhow, it's great to watch it on a rainy day.
How pure!
The ending is incredibly depressing. I cried like a baby, seriously.
I gained respect for Gaspard Ulliel as a reliable actor (He won a Cesar award!) and look forward to 'La Troisième Partie du Monde' with Clémence Poésy.

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