Aug 5, 2008

Les Amants Reguliers

I've been needing to watch another film, so I chose 'Les amants reguliers' because it was the most obvious one. The film was set in black and white (a signature of Philippe Garrel), with Louis Garrel as the protagonist, Fran├žois, who is a aspiring poet in 1960's France, which was a turbulent time in youth revolution. He meets an aspiring sculptor, played by Clotilde Hesme, and falls in love, but the film isn't revolved around that. It's much more in tune to the revolution.

video removed

I recommend this only if you enjoy films about revolution, like The Dreamers. Although it's not as sexual as it's counterpart, it reveals more of the actual lifestyles of the young French, including opium and old rock songs.
Hard night's work after blowing up the cops' cars.

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