Aug 16, 2008

Those Cobra Snake Kids Again!

I'm tired of The Cobrasnake taking pics of 'it girls', who are just rotten rich kids whose parents are famous. Plus, they're all my age and go to 21+ shows and date insanely old guys. Talk about lost in surrealism.
I find Peaches Geldof's style okay, but she is always looks like she's on prescription meds.
I definitely want this bag from American Apparel!
Haha, looks like he will be serving beer in Germany! I need some suspenders of my own.


  1. yes, but wouldn't it be great to rise to fame and have all these opportunities a la cory kennedy??

    and isn't AA great? they're opening another one in the west village 5 blocks away from the one on 6th ave. crazy.

  2. HEY!! CIAO HEMALY!! ...gosh, I havent been in touch with you for the ages!!!! How are you doing, hun?????????

  3. Amen!
    After a while, everyone on the CS starts wearing the same thing, and it becomes unoriginal.