Sep 29, 2008

Christina Drejenstam

Remember those cheap watercolor paint sets you got when you were a kid? Who knew they could look so beautiful, but with good taste of course. Chrisitina Drejenstam is an artist with much to offer, and worked with Nike on ads. But, her bet pieces are the personal ones, with gorgeous ladies, exquisite perfumes and the best looking accessories.
How parfait!
Karl Lagerfeld would approve of this.
Go on and save a ton of pieces. Also, I read in the, New York Times's Art Section that most of Bansky's pieces were not sold. God, if I were in London I would buy one!


  1. oh, but barack obama is very attractive
    and he's not a mass murderer / dictator ! hahaha

  2. I'm on a banksy hunt at the moment :], most of his stuff are in east london, but those illustrations look wicked good.