Sep 24, 2008

The Death Of An Era

The 'The Cobrasnake' Era is officially dead! First by the ridiculous duo of Nylon and The Cobrasnake starlets in the latest Nylon, October issue (as posted on Ayo America!), then the totally useless pictures still being posted on the site, now the limited edition Cobrasnake shirts are being sold at Colette! I have completely lost my respect for Mark, thinking that he would stay indie instead of selling out like a jerk!
How could he explain this? ↓ ↓

Instead of getting cold hard cash from so-called 'It Girls' Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldof, we all favor those anonymous kids in amazing vintage/new/found in the dumpster-threads. Unknown kids have no less style sense than Cory has on her nasty, pasty ass. Please, don't commercialize inspiring people, because it defies the whole meaning of 'indie'.
I don't mind my favorite indie empires like Colette, Nylon, and American Apparel, but when some mix, it's a recipe for disaster, and discontent. I applause Ayo America! for noting this out to hopefully many bloggers.


  1. Amen! the world needs more indie kids like you! who won't sell out, and who are actually genuine.