Sep 16, 2008

An Evaluation of STJ Student Body

I've had classes for about three weeks so far, so it's safe to categorize most of the people in this university:

Abercrombie/Hollister-wearing kids - About 75% of the school consists of these kids, who obviously have never opened up an issue of Nylon in their lives. Although they spend ridiculous amounts of mone on a shitty Abercrombie tee for the price of an Ed Banger top, they do work hard in their classes, so it's fair enough. Of course, as a born artsy kid, I avoid this group as much as possible.
Asian kids - 20% - Self-explanatory; Work hard, stay within their own demographic groups.
Sports freaks - About 3% of the school, and these are die-had fans, who wear jerseys and hats everywhere like they have nothing else to wear. STJ is a sports school, so I don't mind them whatsoever.
Artsy/Hipster - About 2% of the student body, rare to find, but at the St. John's Democrats meetings you can spot some. It's ironic how they're here anyways, but I've seen some. Now that I've seen like 5 throughout this whole time, I feel more at home.

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  1. Maybe some mistakes i don't read it

    so...I think it's not the same think in france: hum i don't see really clearly by abercrombie dude. it's some guys who were abercrombie? ( i dunno this brand)

    in france it' like 50%:
    are high liver who always get out the night and are dometimes( often) drunk.

    some are like sports freak( yeah sports freak in france wear and think like high liver)
    Or they're like californian guys.
    one half don't work and the other work. they're some jerks and some cool guys

    20% : not asian but only chinese guys ...i'm right with your theory they're always together and not too much sociable always talking chinese together...boring ( in general of course)
    Some look and are nerdy(i mean nerdy like a no-life work work work and programmtion on their linux or reading science book to entertain them selves) by their attitude they clothes( lol yeah like steve urckle)
    some are just hard worker and wear like average people very discret....oh and their accent is funny when they talk in french.

    13% africans : in genral they're nice people and worker but not too much...

    2% other foreign people: comment they're average in general.exept new, they're mad.

    7,5%of rockers ( hipsters a little artistic) and metallers i mean people who listen metal. hum.. rockers work normal but metallers are hard workers

    7,5% of pure nerd/geeks : again in nerd i mean steve urckle people ( a no life work/CPU) not an hard worker. and geeks who are nerd but work less and do more CPU.

    If think it's all yeah i'm almost sadistic to make so long comment.

    i think i'm a 20% high-liver and 80% rockers
    ++there's never too much peace++

    PS : you'll explain me what you mean by abercrombie people on that blog or youtube ,msn ( yeah you're never connected... ;-( lol) by email what you want

    ++ bizou