Sep 1, 2008

Hedi Slimane

I hope you will excuse me for being terribly late with this post. I started university (I like the name university, than college) this week, and my feet are destroyed by wearing flip flops on the first day. I didn't know STJ's campus is so expansive! Plus, I have my own room now, so I've been DIY-ing a collection of accessories, and I think it's complete by now.
Anyways, I've been liking black and white photos recently, and most probably since it's almost fall in NYC, although it's still blazing hot on the streets. Hedi Slimane is the man for black and white photography. Slimane is known for working with Dior Homme until last year, and other countless fashion collaborations, architecture, and arts, but he is also a great photog.
The hair-in-the-face and aggravated looks are amazing. The most noted Slimane photography is that of Kate Moss, but it's the quintessential Kate: Nude, nipples, and the open mouth. What a bore. Anonymous kids are the new Kate Moss.


  1. i knoww
    hedi slimane's photography is amazzing
    dior will never be the same.

  2. true what the fuck college it's for kids in france and in europe why americans call university like that? i 'll note that on my stikebook of the year.
    yeah white and black always better ( almost always...) and it's cool french are at the top at the fashion and photography level

    ah...dior homme enfin des mots francais dans ce monde gouverné par la langue anglaise...ça fait plisir