Sep 3, 2008

On Campus Every Wednesday

I've spent today on campus from 8:30 AM, due to Calculus and English early. Plus, I had Chemistry recitation at 1:30 PM, now I'm waiting for Chemistry lab at 5PM. Anyhow, I've spent most of my afternoon lounging around the campus, in the lawn chairs on the Great Lawn, and now in the 'Quiet' Study Room. It's huge, but cozy with comfortable couches, and most of the people here are on their laptops or talking to friends. Well, since I have to waste time here, I began to get ahead of my classes and complete some assignments early (Theology is the easiest, of course). Plus, I finally watched the 'Le Marais' part of 'Paris, Je T'aime' with Gaspard Ulliel.

Haha, Gaspard's hair is so 2000s, seriously.
Talking about films, I am so damm anxious to see 'La Belle Personne' with Louis Garrel and Grégoire LePrince-Ringuet, or course directed by Christophe Honore. I hope someone posts it online somehow.


  1. before talking about the video i want to say...Theology ?! we don't do that in france completly unreligious.personally i dunno if there's something above us...enfin

    yeah this stuff is funny the man tell is life understand anything but gaspard believe is just unchatty ,and he ask him o you believe in spirit ? reponse coz me i'm totaly in that and after he ask do you like kurt cobain me i love KC such life stuff.
    But between spirit an KC he say things gay( in the right sense) and understand the gay reputation have the french ( oh man.) he said like i talked to you coz i think to myself i would pass near a good and nice stuff.after he say like do you in the soul mate and he gives is phone number.

    dude it seem flirt with the guy.othrwise this video is funny and he's a good actor i admit

  2. I first found out about gaspard in paris, je t'aime! it's a really great film, he is really attractive, and that segment is one of the best. i think the natalie portman one was amazing too.

  3. are u the girl Hereiti use to chat to ?

  4. easily one of my favorite parts of the movie, it's what makes the movie so freaking random.
    I dunno, but it sounds as if campus life is thrilling, I hate waiting, but damn it chemistry? best of luck (no, I actually love chemistry!)