Sep 21, 2008

Reeboks Louder Than Justice On My iPod

I've been taking the N/W train to classes everyday now, and I've noticed an odd influx of arsty kids taking the same train. It's pretty surreal, and I'm not used to seeing arsty people in my neighborhood. Plus, there's a café a block away from my apartment called 'Waltz-Astoria', and every evening you see young kids on their bikes, drinking coffee, smoking, wearing their fedoras and skinnies, all looking debonair. So, I didn't forget Mark The Cobrasnake and Merlin Bronques from Last Night's Party. I found this video this morning by mistake, Yelle's 'Tristesse/Joie' Rolf Honey Remix, and it's addictive.

Those Reeboks remind me of my childhood (My mom was a huge fan of their kicks), and I need some now! Argh, I bet they're pretty expensive now.
Let's cut to the chase, and here's the only pictures I could milk out of The Cobrasnake. The rest were either about NYC Fashion Week or a shit-load of It girls.
I am a devotee of le Nouvelle Vague, with Christophé Honore as the leading director.
Explains why my hair has been so Jane Birkin-like recently.
No Age: Who doesn't like some great indie music in a trippy video?
I misread that shirt for something else with Chanel.
Hey mister, can I get that shirt?
This is brighter than LED headlights!


  1. where are you taking classes?!

  2. my cousin goes to saint johns.. in staten island

    what are you going to school for? and you can always transfer - or get your masters somewhere nice :)