Oct 3, 2008

The Cult Of Sincerity

I have an odd interest of watching Thirteen really late at night. I'm really glad that Thirteen decided to create Reel 13, a Saturday program featuring a classic film, a shirt film, and an indie film every week. A couple of weeks ago I was really affected by independent film 'The Cult Of Sincerity', in which a prewritten synopsis says: "Bored and frustrated with the popular culture’s cynicism, Joseph sets out to find something genuine. The Cult of Sincerity is a witty exploration of changing friendships, permanent regrets, and hope in the age of irony."
It's based in NYC, and has probably the greatest soundtrack ever. I recommend this film to everyone, and sticking to their true indie roots, the whole film is available on YouTube.

**YouTube tore down the film, but you can later on buy it off of Amazon and iTunes.

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  1. i love how you turn your blog into somethin between hype and parisian chic !! truly wicked