Nov 21, 2008

Back to Reality

I just noticed that you have lots of time to kill when you're at home with pink eye because you don't want to contaminate the whole university, and when you finally go on Friday for those classes, you end up having a test next week, and the next class isn't even meeting. Add an uncomfortable pair of high-heeled boots, skinnies, books, and Soulwax constantly on, it's bound to go wrong somewhere. That's why I'm here, going back to party pics to heal the everyday stress of living in the biggest city in the world.
I know everyone missed them, but since I had a ton of assignments and tests to study for at the beginning of the year, it was impossible to scan Merlin Bronques's snapshots of nightlife I'm missing thanks to chemistry. Without further ado, there they are, with smart commentary as always.
Last Night's Party
A hint of inspiration from here? The makeup on the chick in the right is genius.
I don't know what's more ironic, the Sarah Palin t-shirt or the Chinese parasol in NYC.
Besides from sneaking out of a most likely horrible party, those menswear shoes are great. Got to get me a pair of those.
Hobo Gestapo
Doesn't he remind you of a badass Tony from Skins?
The Cobrasnake
Justice jacket; I've been hunting one of those down for a while, and I've had no luck.
Famous somebody impersonation no. 2: Doesn't she look like Fran├žoise Hardy?
Remember when Space Jam was completely awesome and everyone wanted Jordans? They're dead now.
Pretty self-explanatory. Acid trip, much?

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  1. those kids at the bottom, are they casualties of the electro recession/war?
    good post, gotta love Merlin B.