Nov 26, 2008

Bicycles Are The New Hummers

I don't think I've ever been more ecologically conscious than now. My transportation consists of the subway, buses (which run on clean energy!), and my own two feet, and my mom has pushed everyone in my familiy to recycle everything. This whole world is so fascinated with being eco-friendly, that Discovery created Planet Green, a channel dedicated to saving the Earth. I love their programming since it's far from the pretentious and snobby stereotypes of eco-conscious people. Plus, there has been a huge surge of groups of people in metropolitan cities around the world who are dedicating themselves to riding bicycles. Bicycles are so cheap now, and what's a better way to go to your favorite café than on a slim bike?
So I came across Copenhagen Cycle Chic, a blog posting amazing photography of youngsters on bicycles in Copenhagen, a city I would love to visit. Besides having a low carbon footprint, the ways in which these people dress make you want to get an old bike from a garage sale (that's where I got mines acutally).
Pictures from Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog.

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