Nov 5, 2008

Cries of Joy

I feel like I have a terrible hangover today. It's due to the fact I stayed up until 1AM because of the election results. Right at 11PM, CNN reports that Barack Obama is the elected president, without counting California's votes! What' even more beautiful is that Barack Obama won over Pennsylvania (SJU College Dems!), Ohio, California, and Florida. Overall, Obama gained 335 electoral votes, and old man McCain obtained only 137. To foreigners, electoral votes are what really matters in U.S. presidential elections, and those votes depend on the population of each state. If a state has a higher population (like California or New York), higher electoral votes are added. Enough with the history lesson; here is the most emotional part of the celebration party in Chicago, Illinois.
Jesse Jackson, who has run for presidential elections many times, is crying since he finally gets to see a black man become president. I couldn't help but cry too!
The most important lesson form this election and Barack Obama's victory is that everyone can make it, reach their aspirations, because in Obama's case, neither racism or economic problems can stop a man. What's even more amazing is that Obama's family received government food stamps as a child and his aunt is an illegal alien!

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  1. Only in America!
    gotta love it :]
    I saw a posting on a board today while going into class "thursday, 9 a.m lecture...Hooray Obama!"
    haha, priceless.