Nov 16, 2008

La Chinoise

This the part two of my escapade into Jean-Luc Godard's film legacy, and I watched 'La Chinoise' this weekend. Watching a nice, politically-charged movie when you're sick with a fever, motion sickness, and a soar throat make all of those illnesses feel a little better. 'La Chinoise' (1968) is a movie recording a group of five French students who are studying Maoism, and are trying to change their world into a Maoist society. It contains a plethora of montages of powerful and influential philosophers like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao, and even Descartes. The students relate society's problems to art, theater, college, and their own struggles as university students.
Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud plays Guillaume, a ruthless and stern French student.
The most striking part of this film was the theatrical reenactment by Yvonne (Juliet Berto), a reenactment of the Vietnam War. The fake, bright-red blood, helpless cries, zombie-like face, and hysteria made you realize how brainwashed the students were.
Yvonne is defending Vietnam with the infamous Red Book and fake arms.
Another ironic part of 'La Chinoise' was the Maoist rock-n-roll song heard on the radio. Here is the video below.

Overall, I hope every politically conscious college student, like me, would take into consideration to spend an hour and a half to watch, what is considered one of Godard's greatest works.


  1. u do love great movies !! Godard is timeless ::::)

  2. whoa u do sound pretty serious!!
    i havent seen this movie but reading ur review, i had the feeling ray would have loved it, & there goes mr style!!
    hemaly, i hope u won't turn as crazy as he is!!