Nov 23, 2008

Shoes Galore

This is a special edition of my adventures in party pictures, and it's shoes. Shoes have the spotlight of the photo right when the camera angle is under waist level. Here is a small, but note-worthy collection of dynamic footwear, courtesy of The Cobrasnake.
Socks should never, ever be worn with sandals, and this is not an exception.
Menswear shoes are going to walk the streets this winter, I could tell.
Oxford shoes are the best way to look smart without reading Chomsky or some other pretentious philosopher.


  1. i was in boca chica in DR :p

  2. merci beaucoup pour le comment ;)

    well those were the 5 positive thoughts i really needed to instill in myself!

    ah you're so lucky to live in nyc - fashionistas galore! :)
    j'adore cobrasnake!

    btw, i think socks could be worn with shoes - there are rare times for exceptions. or maybe its appearing so in my head, lol.

    i love the shoes in the second/middle pic! menswear and menswear-inspired are love!


  3. p.s. carine roitfeld is inspirational!
    but i think i love wintour a bit more ;)