Dec 16, 2008

Brand Labeling

The semester is over and recovering from calculus and countless hours of studying; but I'll be getting back to this blog much more often because I know it must be really annoying for a blog not to update in like ages.
In this edition of party pics, evident brands/labels are easily recognized, which I think completely defeats the purpose of being indie. But when looking at the world outside of the 'indiesphere', ask ten people, and probably two of ten will know: American Apparel or Hype Machine. So essentially the most popular name in the indie culture is just unknown in the mainstream-macrocosm. Thank God for that too.
This guy's t-shirt reminds me of how kitsch the Metro Card logo is, but at the same time reminds me when I took the subway this weekend (horrible idea) and arrived to my chemistry final thirty-minutes late.
Ahh, RCRD LBL, a site sponsoring independent artists and send out e-mails daily with free downloads from groups like Cut Copy and Santogold.
The good old v-neck tee. A classic staple for any alternative kid. Oddly enough I'm wearing one right now.
An obvious American Apparel creation. Remember when AA was crazy and decided to make classics embellished with African patterns? Yeah, me neither and I think no one else does.
The photos are from the beloved Last Night's Party.

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