Dec 29, 2008

Dylan Fever

I've been addicted to Bob Dylan's character and style, and with DVD releases like "I'm Not There" featuring Cate Blanchet as Bob himself just adds more to the momentum. Not only is Bob Dylan recognized for his songwriting and poetry, but he is also an artist whose works on paper have sold out worldwide. Take that for a triple threat!

Those shades really make up for the mismatching stripes!

Donning those heeled-boots down Greenwich Village, NYC.
Bob Dylan - "House of the Rising Sun"

Okay, besides his fame and influence on the youth since the 1960s (this is a style blog!), the way he dressed in his young years are emulated today by many fashion-forward people. Dylan's outfits were very classy with a touch of folk, just like his music. He wore slim slacks with leather boots and raggedy dress shirts, dark shades, his hair in a huge mess, that remind you of lead singer Adrien of BB Brunes.

Very country, dear. And loving the florals on the vest.

Girls can play that game too. This is a slight alteration on Dylan's look. The pants are a little wider and the sandals are sleeker to add some proportion to the look on a feminine body.

Again, another version of Bob Dylan's rundown look. Can't forget about that infamous cigarette either!
The next time you listen to some of Bob Dylan's bluesy tunes, chuck out some of dad's old leather shoes and a vest and "better stay away from those that carry around a fire hose."

Photo credits to: Street Peeper and The Sartorialist


  1. "mismatching stripes"
    it's ok if you do a feature post,
    thank you.

  2. i just love that pants i got one and love it - its new its fashion no one gots it here