Dec 8, 2008

Léa Seydoux

I finished downloading La Belle Personne a couple of days ago, and although I'm still trying to track down the subtitles online, one striking difference from other Honore films is his new muse, Léa Seydoux. Léa Seydoux is a 23 year-old French actress, whose grandfather is the chairman of Pathé, a prominent cinematographic company. Anyways, Léa's sweet looks, pale skin and gorgeous hair makes her the best girl to play Junie, the girl who steals the hearts of her Italian professor and pupils alike. Here is the Frenchie on Garance Doré.
I'm absolutely jealous of her looks.
Kudos for the amazing ensemble! This look is perfect for walking the cobblestreets in the cold. Let's hope that Léa continues to work in French film industry for a long time to come.

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  1. where did u download the film?

    you are a total francophile! hehe.