Dec 17, 2008

Recessionista et Revolutionaire

One thing I learned this fall is that university is not only reading and studying a lot, but going the extra mile to meet new people and expand your horizons. So my first shot at luck was attening St. John's College Democrats meetings, and the witty comments like:
Presenter: So basically, what is democracy?
Louis Garrel-esque guy: To me, socialism is the same as democracy!
was like a live version of The Colbert Report for me. And leave it to the fashion-obsessed chick to create a project dealing with canvas totes, t-shirts, and handpainting. I made the tote and the t-shirt a couple of weeks ago, but you're the first to see these anywhere!
The weapons of mass creation!

The designs are originals, and the shapes are hand-made my truly yours. It is was easy peasy painting them, but making the stencils was a real pain.
Hopefully next year I'll make more of these and sell them to make some money for our very small club. Maybe I'll get to sell them online on Etsy?

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  1. If these go on sale, I'm getting one! the bag is just, whoa.