Dec 23, 2008

Style Is The Drug

Tired of the "constructed" messy look with tuxedos, scarves and leather ankle boots, there must be something different, or rather out of the ordinary today. It seems as if everyone in the so-called style/fashion community worldwide had the same ideas and concepts, but it's time to break out of the shell.
In a time of crisis, us of the style community can't stick to black/white/grey because we're in mourning. Take for example Europe in the 1920s: having just suffered World War I, the war with the most causalities in history, the Surrealist movement took hold. So, it's our time to break out, but through our clothes and designs.
I love you Salvador Dalí, because your works left people baffled in a time of mourning. Here's a collection of surrealist-inspired street styles, and maybe we can act like we're on drugs too.

An over sized picnic shirt with a hideous pattern. Just have to love the contrast.

Is it a deconstructed vest, or a tabletop cloth he pinned up? The slightly metallic bag is cut perfectly too.

Another version of: what the hell is that? It's a cardigan, but how do you get it to be that slanted.

My favorite t-shirt of all. We can't spend anymore on Chanel, so make something out of it! Painting it a "fake" is just very kitsch and not at all tacky.

Salvador Dalí: "Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic."
Looks are from: Street Peeper and Lookbook


  1. this a really good way to turn heads.

  2. love the black outfit
    i was going to make my own chanel tshirts with the CC logo being very painted on, with visible paint brushes.

    thought about putting it on etsy or somewhere online.
    would you be interested?