Dec 6, 2008

Swedish Delight

I couldn't sleep all night yesterday. I finally took a snore at 5AM, but spent all night watching television or browsing online. Last night's episode of my most favorite non-fiction show, Globe Trekker, was about Denmark and Sweden. Watching the picturesque scenery, the people riding bicycles in the cobblestone streets and Bjorn Borg's famed underwear made me find some amazing fellow bloggers from Sweden. Even though Sweden is a socialist state, has insanely high taxes on alcoholic beverages (but still drink nonetheless!), and in the winter has about 14 hours of darkness, there is a striving community of innovative kids who expose their styles on the world wide web. Enjoy the following, even though everything is in Swedish, which in this case, Google Translate works perfectly.
Lolita: A blog mixing everything into one kitsch site: fashion, photography, adorable quotes, art, d├ęcor, and anything else that makes your heart flourish with inspiration.
Modette: Okay, I can barely understand what is written here, but you can get away with the language barrier by looking at the street style pictures, scans, and fashion news. It is a blogging community as well. Here's a user of Modette, Majpaj, who has the most adorable sense of style.
I would love to spend my cash at Stockholm!


  1. LOVE SWEDEN. I wanna go to Stockholm so badly! You're going!? I also love Globe Trekkers.

    In response to your comment -- i'm afraid my high school scandal is much different than the one that happened at your college. you know, it's always the creepy devout priests that try to fuck 13 year old boys. gross.