Dec 18, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I completely forgot next Thursday is Christmas! Seriously, how can a sane person forget about the best holiday of the year? Makes you question my sanity I guess. But, if there was just one thing I would love to have under my Christmas tree, besides Gaspard Ulliel under my sheets, is Miss Dior Chérie. Been meaning to buy for a year now, but ever since the new ads with Maryna Linchuk in Paris (which are beyond good compared to Lily Donaldson's version) are lining the pages of magazines, what's a better time to get it. The ads are very nicely shot, and Maryna models so well in these photos. Plus, the ribbon lettering of 'Miss Dior' is adorable.
Definitely will post these ads on my wall.
And how about the video for the fragrance? The sweet music is thanks to the original B.B., Brigette Bardot's "Moi Je Joue". I'm not a big fan of Sofia Coppola, but the best scene was when Maryna hangs onto the balloons, floating above Paris.
Once had a dream like this, and makes you feel like you're on coke, naturally. And perhaps Miss Dior Chérie would make feel that way too.


  1. i did post those shots too as they're truly nice !!! good

  2. hey! i forgot it was christmas too but that's because in houston it never feels like the holidays [to me]. :( i'm too used to the white christmas since i grew up in chicago.

    at least i got to eat the sexy guy i wanted so i guess i technically got what i wanted for christmas ;) hehe.
    god is good!

    although i've been feeling a bit blah lately. i think i'm going back to my depressing, suicidal days again. idk why. hm. whatever.
    maybe it's just what i do - sometimes i'm freakishly happy and then i freakishly break-down. i'm extreme, but i like moderation.

    anyways, whoa - i thought you wanted louis garrel? gaspard is mine, yo! :) omg, his scene in 'paris je t'aime' shall always speak to my soul!

    do you like the dior fragrance? i haven't tried it yet. i'm more into tom ford's fragrances for myself. and i wear dior homme. it's an unisex fragrance. ;) although i wana buy [mens] jean paul gaultier's 'fleur du male' for myself. i go to sephora and try on the fragrances i wana try/like. sometimes i'll be in the mens section and some person will be like "are you shopping for your boyfriend?" and i'm like "uh no". wtf? no. i just like to be androgynous and have no gender. thank you very much. :)

    the dior cherie commerial is so cute! whenever i see a fragrance commercial that is so high-fashion on tv, i freak out since it's uber rare to see. high-fashion is heaven and bliss!

    maryna linchuk is gorgeous & i agree, she is better than lily donaldson!

    also, i'm so glad there's another girl who can't stand sofia coppola! she can't direct, in my opinion. although i think she did an exquisite job with the miss dior cherie commercial - very dreamy and lovely!

    i don't dream about floating. i dream about lying on a bed with gorgeous male models and such. it's not so much the erotic as much as it is the aesthetic that i value and turns me on!

    i would much rather just lie there and look beautiful with a man than have sex or kiss him. plus, i don't kiss just anyone as i view kissing to be uber intimate, to me. i can go down on any guy anywhere - no problem. but kissing is a no-no. i can't just makeout with anyone! kissing and looking into someone's eyes is like getting in touch with another's soul, in my opinion. it's just super intimate to me! of course others [esp guys] don't get it. ugh. whatevers. it's about me, not about them.

    happy holidays, love! [x]