Jan 26, 2009


I'm one of those people who hate drugs, seriously. But 60s and 70s educational films about drug abusers are just hilarious! The actors are all freaking out, laughing hysterically, or walking like zombies. It's pretty unrealistic and certainly didn't stop teens from trying out drugs, but at least it gave us a good laugh. :)

More pictures from educational films can be found on: olga-saglo


  1. same here-i have hw from all my classes on the first day that last sem. i wouldnt have had to the second or prob. third week of classes. Umm...the concert its 22$ in advance or 25$ at the door...but im broke too! i love coming up with these great plans and then i never check to make sure i have the money to back it. :(. Its at 7 on monday, i didnt know this- i have photog-but i think im taking too many classes&credits for this sem. but idk..i just feel soooo antsy and restless..whats your major?

  2. Conc on school work! It is afterall more important :D

  3. hahahahhaha omg i love those films .
    they're hilarious !
    have you ever read 'the perks of being a wallflower' ? im bringing it up because the main character charlie just did lsd in the book at the part that im at .
    it's a really good book though, if you haven't read it yet, i wholeheartedly recommend it .


  4. Picture 2 is brilliant, haha.

  5. haha, funny cool & retro
    i love your blog x