Jan 31, 2009

Gems galore

I practically died when I saw these images a while ago. La Pisette has precious gemstone rings that make you get goosebumps all over. The rings are huge gemstones set in dainty metal, and at $105 each, it won't spend your school cash either.
Give me this, instead of a diamond ring for an engagement ring!


  1. Oooh I love this kinds of jewelry, it's so natural and fresh. I prefer these kind of rings over diamond rings etc.

  2. Absolutely Fabulouse! Especialy the purple!


  3. They're so pretty! Not my style, but really pretty!

  4. I don't usually like gold, but these are beautiful. I especially love the fact that the gems are so much bigger than their settings.

  5. yah its her! absolutely..btw i madeit thru hell week at UNi so yayyy!! lol

    I agree i dont think i want a diamond ring they are wayy too hyped and overated these days i want a rare-but not limb sacrificing-gem or crystal..ahh-oh! but first i shud find a mate huh?

  6. oh this ring is gorgeous
    i have a similar one but my is dull