Jan 7, 2009

Inspirational Neon

Yes guys, I'm still hooked on Flickr. The user Bingo Little has a photostream called "Inspirational Neon". Because we all need a pick-me-up in these hard times.


  1. Hi there Remah! I saw you on The Sartorialist's blog and thought I'd contact you about something you might be interested in. Sorry to write this in your comments area, but I couldn't find contact info for you. Anyways, I'm launching a new website and I could really use your help in getting it started. It's at http://hangerbox.com It's like an online closet, where you can upload photos of yourself wearing your favorite outfits, then tell people where you bought it, how much it cost, and other details... You can also browse other people's outfits and see what they are wearing. It's pretty much just a big style sharing site. Anyways, I think it has good potential, but I need the help from people like you to get it started by uploading photos so that there is something there for people to browse. Hope that I'm not imposing too much, but I would be really grateful for your help. Let me know if you have any questions. And if you can't help, no worries, feel free to use the site as you wish. It would also be cool if you might be able to plug us on your blog. Again, it’s up to you, but I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again!

    Michael Shumway

    P.S. Don't forget to tell your friends! Thanks! ;)

  2. oops... I meant "City Slick"! haha I was talking to a guy named Remah before I sent that comment... lol

  3. I like your blog! The layout is great and the pictures you post are beautiful.

  4. thank god for flickr, seriously.