Jan 14, 2009

Not A Fan Of Anna

An Open Letter to Anna Wintour:

As a young woman in New York City and interested in the fashion industry, I beg you, as you are the Editor-in-Chief, to change Vogue US drastically in order to keep the competition fair within the rest of Vogue's international editions. It is embarrassing that Teen Vogue has visually more appealing editorials and interesting style spreadsheets than its mother magazine does. As for Vogue US:

- The 'jumping-while-looking-surprised' look in the eds are so played out.
- The worst ad campaigns just have to appear on this magazine. If the ads in the first 100 pages of the magazine include: Bebe, Guess, or anything not having a regular runway show; then obviously things aren't going well.
- The clothes selected in the spreadsheets are completely hideous and boring, like for a widowed 70 year-old woman's closet. Hence, no young'uns are even looking at Vogue US on a newsstand.
- Fire those stylists, fast! I don't want to wear my mom's slacks anymore.
- Street styles are obviously popular now, especially in the Internet age, so why don't you try incorporating street style photography with the magazine's aesthetic. But there's a problem: The magazine is laking aesthetic!

In a city filled with up-and-coming designers, hip shops, artists and It-girls (I don't like it-girls, but I'm surprised that Vogue US hasn't jumped on the fanatical bandwagon!), I cannot fathom the idea why you won't try to promote these artists and appeal to the younger generation. Now, more than ever, girls from 11 years old are impacted by runway shows (My first was Chanel Haute Couture Autumn-Winter '01!), and it makes sense to become more daring and expressive in the future.
As a devotee of fashion/style, Anna Wintour, please do something to keep New York City ahead of the game.


  1. Perfection! Hope she reads it!


  2. I agree. Vogue needs a new makeover. It's gotten so boring. Take a cue from the other magazines from around the world . We want some edge

  3. I have to agree with you, it is a terrible, terrible magazine.

  4. Haha. I agree completely. Thats why I dont even read most US magazines...for one i think that the day n age of the supermodel should come back. I want to see more lovely models on the cover and learn more about them and cool bands not the same yearly circle of actors and actresses. Its always the same cycle. I love vogue paris, elle uk and alot of australian mags...one day i'll get there.
    Anna Wintor step your game up.
    come for a visit sometime!