Jan 19, 2009

One Day Left

I'm absolutely anxious for tomorrow morning. Ready to wake up early, put on all the OBAMA-BIDEN pins I can find, take out my Obama books, and get hooked on CNN! I hope everyone around the world will be watching history being made on Jan 20TH.
This picture just makes Obama seem like the coolest guy you can meet at a party. Maybe he'll be the Bronques of the White House?
Photo credit: Time Magazine


  1. Tomorrow will be a very important day indeed!

  2. it's brazilian portuguese. the genre is called popular brazilian music (known as MPB). Elis Regina, the singer, OD'd in the 80's, but she's still fabulous. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. that photo is awesome !
    it's perfect .
    tomorrrrow ;]