Feb 19, 2009


An award for me? A girl who has been blogging (but whose blogging has gotten better) since '06, and never had a comment? I love my readers so much, especially because all of you inspire me by your posts. Especially with my major breaking my back every morning, it's really hard to still be enthusiastic about fashion, something I have been obsessed about since I was 11. Thanks so much to Lovers in Vain for this award!!
I have to select 10 blogs I really love, which is such a heartbreak, but here is goes:
Ayo America! - my buddy who has converted into a Londoner, the one who has the best tracks and keeps me up to date on Ed Banger.
BB - The lovely photos are enough to make me swoon!
January - Amazing sense of style, and knows how to take pictures (a talent I wish I had!)
*Rabenschwarz - The images and photos of this blogger are just haunting but beautiful.
Beach 11:29 - A girl in distress, and in NYC?
La Divina - It's in German, but thanks to the glory that is Google, I can still see the amazing images posted.
Majpaj - Another Googled object of mines, but this girl also has an amazing sense of style. Very cutesy but chic.
Delightful - The pictures are priceless, and in HQ.
Filthy Lust - A mix of grungy chic and teenage love = not hard to go gaga over!
Nat the Bat - The posts are what bring me back to the Cobrasnake.


  1. i'm so glad you like my blog, and i loved how you summarized it, it's so cool you see it that way, i like it!

  2. Thank you! Glad you love the pictures.

  3. thanks for sharing those awesome blogs

  4. Thanks a lot! Must say I love your blog too :)

  5. it's all reciprocated, I discovered loads of things reading your blog, so I'm a happy reader!

  6. so much thanks to you but what you wrote about my blog sounds so scary but i hate scary things so it's a bit confusing.

  7. no way ! i had no clue you had given me this :]
    thanks so muh lovvie !!


  8. You go girl! You deserve this award too, lovely blog as always!