Feb 6, 2009

Dark lace and green pastures

Tank Magazine is a London-based culture magazine, and this editorial titled "Inna Days", featuring Inna Pilipenko is adventurous and freespirited. The styling consists of beautiful dark laces in the forest. Very picturesque.
I worked much harder this time on a collage, and hopefully all of you think it's much of an improvement!

Sorry to say, but I'll be really busy this weekend, with studying, but on Saturday I'm going to SoHo with a good friend, and for my Discover New York class I have to make a photography project. So, obviously it's best to take pics of interesting people, and I'll post them soon enough!


  1. wow what gorgeous photos! :) take lots of pictures!

  2. oh i love it. i've never heard of Tank. is it sold in the U.S.?

  3. wow, that's absolutelly stunning. i love the darkgreen colour in combination with the dreamy dresses and the totally light skin.

  4. The givenchy shoes are so HOT! Great Collage! I love the HUGE FLOWY skirt!