Feb 27, 2009

Free Nylon

Surprise, surprise, the latest issue of Nylon came yesterday. The only problem is I didn't renew my subscription (okay, I really don't remember), but Nylon has outdone itself this month. The whole layout of the magazine was converted into a blog-looking spectacle: Courier New fonts, underlining credits, and collage-like cropping. So, when I came home, called my dad to explain I was still alive, after 12 hours straight on campus. "There's this pretty dress I found in your magazine that came today in the mail." No, wait, Dad, you have no sense of style! This is the dress he was talking about, from Rachel Antonoff:

What do you guys think? Maybe pairing it with some tougher accessories (there goes the Erin look), it can look chic and not grandma.

Photo credit: Nylon Magazine & Rachel Antonoff


  1. Gorgeous dress! And those shoes are totally amazing!


  2. ive been looking for this where did you find it?