Feb 15, 2009

The mysterious triangle

I'm so happy I can finally get online! It'a a three-day weekend because of President's Week, so it's time for blogging. Is it me, or have triangles been appearing everwhere on Flickr? Is it the new enchanted unicorn?
Beck's latest album, 'Modern Guilt', also has a taste of triangles , all posted on Sleevage.
I woke up inspired and made this little number.
Plus, I added blog links to the side of people who regularly comment, because I love you guys so much. How was Valentine's Day yesterday? I watched a Jason movie marathon (in honor of Friday the 13th).

Photo credit: caja10 & SoĆ’ia


  1. yes !
    geometry = the new magical creature .


  2. Thanks for adding me to your links!
    coincidence, i just bought a triangle necklace today. I agree with Couture Carrie, geometry rocks.

  3. Interesting. I like this whole thing. Lets see if I spot those mysterious triangles anywhere else

  4. i think it's time to get out the triangles for band practice!

    /maisie #1

  5. ooh, i like. get over here and hand over some of that inspo!! (i'm in need, i'm blank lol) these are really awesome.

    thanks for the link love && i hope you had a wonderful valentines.
    i don't think i would have gotten through one of those movies hehe
    i'ma chicken!!

    liv .xo

  6. well triangles are like the magical shape - very renaissance

  7. This is basically what my label is all about, THE MYSTICAL TRAINGLE> HOLY CRAP, you absolutely nailed it.

    PS: LOVELY blog, have you seen mine?


  8. triangels are very mystical. right. i love your pictures. oh thanks a lot for adding. i can add you too...
    have a nice day.

  9. they ARE all over flickr if you know where to look...