Feb 1, 2009

Space is not for geeks anymore

I doubt anyone has ever turned to NASA for inspiration, but they have an archive with tens of thousands of their space photography. The 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' project is definitely one to scrummage though.
Snapshots of cosmos, supernovas and colorful gases make for an enchanting spectacle. The effervescent feeling the cosmos have remind me of Alexander Wang's light and casual looks.
Next time we need a pickup, look up to the stars and they'll be smiling at you back.

Photo credit: NASA


  1. oh yes, you're so right. as you seen, i really like cosmos pictures and those are great ones.

  2. the universe is gorgeous

  3. I love the universe! If I was smart enough to be an astronomer I so would be one. I love learning about about space! :)

  4. these are stellar, literally!

  5. The last picture is like a aquarelle painting. Space is the new black!

  6. love the photos


  7. I love outer space.
    I have a picture of some hectic galaxies as my computer desktop background at home and at work.
    I might have to have a browse of some of the NASA pics and update though.
    Those are AMAZING.